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1928: Memorial Gates Dedicated

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“These are they who went forth from this University to the Great War and gave their lives that we might live in freedom.”   These are the words engraved on the stone tablet above the names of the students and faculty who died in the War of 1914-1918.  On 3 May 1928, a “brief and simple” ceremony dedicated the Memorial Gates at the entrance to the University.

The scene is set by the reporter of The Daily Star: “The quiet words died away out of the silence that followed there arose the funeral notes of a bugle - sounding the Last
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Post.  A stray cloud veiled the sun.  The music ceased.  And over bowed heads of those assembled there, time paused a moment - and the dead were remembered.”1 President Murray read the first name engraved on the tablet, paused briefly and read the next, until all 67 names had been read.

Designed by the original university architect, David R, Brown of Montreal, the memorial consisted of two large gates and two small gates flanking a central tablet.  Cost of the construction was raised through an alumni fund drive.

Larger Version
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1928a: Memorial Gates–Architectural Sketch. Photograph Collection, B-26.
1928b: Memorial Gates–Dedication, 1928. Photograph Collection, A-534.
1928c: Memorial Gates–Dedication, 1928. Photograph Collection, A-532.
1928d: Memorial Service Programme, 1928.


1. The Saskatoon Daily Star, 4 May 1928.

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