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1920: The Sheaf begins weekly publication

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The Sheaf of 27 October 1920 heralded a new era in student life at the University of Saskatchewan, achieved after “vigourous agitation on the part of the students.”  The lead article in that issue noted that “this change in our University paper is the result of advances made to the S.R.C. [Students’ Representative Council] last spring, and it is hoped that the change will make the Sheaf of more service to the University than it has been in the past.”  It was believed that “a weekly paper would have a more unifying influence on all University activities.”  The inaugural weekly issue included headlines such as: “Arts and Science Sophs Initiate the Freshmen: Frosh submit quietly to colorful decoration; eats remain intact for first time in five years;” “Ladies Form Basketball League; ” “Hallowe’en Parade Saturday;” and “The Social Side” (with items ranging from: “Miss Bessie Knox received a visit from her father and sister, last week” to “Mr. Harrison, who caused the vacation epidemic, is back again at the University.”)

The Sheaf had been established in 1912 in booklet form, and was published no more than monthly, with an average of five issues per year until the switch to the weekly format.  Between 1913 and 1920 the last issue of the year was the “Graduation Number,” which served as the yearbook until a separate yearbook was established.  Since becoming a weekly (with occasional forays into semi-weekly) it has, for the most part, focussed on the activities of the students, but it has also concerned itself with social, economic and political issues.

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1920a: Masthead from first weekly SheafThe Sheaf, 27 October 1920.
1920b: Sheaf staff, 1938. Photograph Collection, A-6260.
1920c: Sheaf staff, 1918-19.  Future Prime Minister John Diefenbaker is on the far right.  Photograph Collection, A­2952.


The Sheaf

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