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1914: A.S. Morton appointed as history professor and librarian

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In 1914 Arthur Silver Morton was appointed to the University as a history professor and University Librarian.  He left an important legacy as a “popularizer and conservator of the history of Saskatchewan.”1

Early in his career at the University, he founded a historical association (later renamed the Morton Historical Association).  As related in
an obituary, “He realized the urgency of collecting and preserving material relating to the history of the Prairies before it might be lost and he made an appeal for letters, diaries and documents.  Through the historical association, which he formed in 1917, students of the university were enlisted in the project.  A museum committee was also established.  The professor conducted a tireless search for the sites of early trading posts and made arrangements for their preservation.”

He established the Historical Public Records Office at the University of Saskatchewan in 1937, at which time he was named Provincial Archivist.  This office became the Saskatoon Office of the Saskatchewan Archives Board when legislation officially establishing the provincial archives was passed in 1945.

Among other projects, he continued as Provincial Archivist until his death in 1945.  He died in President J.S. Thomson’s office “while discussing plans for his future work.”

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1914a: Historical Association executive, 1918-19. Morton is in the back row. Photograph Collection, B-238.
1914b: A.S. Morton. Photograph Collection, A-3170.


Faculty Biographies Collection, A.S. Morton file.
1. On Campus News, 14 November 1997, p. 13.

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