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1908: Framework In Place

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Convocation met for the first time on 8 January, at the Metropolitan Methodist Church, Regina. Amid a variety of speeches, 213 degrees were awarded.  Graduates of other Canadian universities who were residents of Saskatchewan were granted equivalent degrees, ad eundem gradum.1

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The next major step on the path to building the new university was the selection and appointment of the Board of Governors. The Board is the administrative executive of the University.  It is the body that must raise and expend funds, make appointments, provide buildings and equipment, and generally manage the business affairs of the institution.  The University Act mandated a nine member board: “the president of the university; three members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council; and, five members to be appointed by the senate.”2  The Board of Governors held its first meeting 22 May and by 20 August had formally appointed Walter Charles Murray as President.

Walter Charles Murray was born 12 May 1866 in Studholm Parish, King's County, New Brunswick.  He began his academic career at the
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University of New Brunswick and received a BA in 1886.   After having earned a grammar school license at the provincial Normal School, Murray went to the University of Edinburgh as the Canadian Gilchrist scholar, and received a MA in Philosophy in 1891.  After a brief period of study in Berlin, Murray returned to UNB as Professor of Philosophy and Economics.  From 1892 to 1908, he was Munro Professor of Philosophy and Lecturer in Education at Dalhousie University.  During this time Murray married Christine Cameron, whom he had known since grade school, and they subsequently had three daughters.3

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