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1907: University of Saskatchewan Created

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The University of Saskatchewan was created through "an Act to establish and incorporate a University for the Province of Saskatchewan" in April of 1907. Known as the University Act, this provincial statute created an institution that was both publicly funded yet independent of the government of the day.† There was to be one university for the whole province created "for the purpose of providing facilities for higher education in all its branches and enabling all persons without regard to race, creed or religion to take the fullest advantage". 1

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Though the Act called for two administrative officers, the president and registrar, it was the latter who would take priority. The Minister of Education, J.A. Calder, appointed his deputy minister D.P. McColl as registrar, thereby starting the process of forming the university. The first step was to create convocation. It was through this body that the chancellor and senate would be elected. The senate and the government would then establish the Board of Governors who would in turn appoint a president.

Since convocation is made up of graduates and the U of S had yet to hold its first class, a convocation had to be created. It was to "consist of all graduates of any university
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in his Majestyís dominions who are actually residing in the province three months prior to the date fixed for the first meeting of Convocation". In early September 299 graduates were registered. Though it was scheduled to meet in the autumn of 1907, convocation did not meet until early 1908. This delay did not prevent the election of the senate and chancellor, however, because that process was conducted through the mail. Chief Justice Edward L. Wetmore, the only nominee, was elected Chancellor and the senate met for the first time on 13 November. 2

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