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Building Chronology
The Beginnings
The Campus Plan
Greystone Chosen
An Arts Building
The Changes
Building Stone
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Academic Buildings
Agriculture Building
Animal Science Building
Arts Building
Dental Clinic
Education Building
Engineering Building 1912
Engineering Building 1925
Field Husbandry Building
Geology Building
Hangar Building
Health Sciences Building
Kirk Hall
Law-Commerce Complex
McLean Hall
Mitchell Building
Phys. Ed. Building
Physics Building
Poultry Science Building
W. P. Thompson Building
Thorvaldson Building
Western College of Veterinary Medicine
Williams Building
Federated/Affiliated Colleges
Chapel of St. Chad
Emmanuel College
Lutheran Theological Seminary
Ogle Hall
St. Andrew's College
St. Thomas More College
Athabasca Hall
Ellis Hall
McEown Park Complex
Qu'Appelle Hall
Saskatchewan Hall
Other Buildings
New Administration Building
Canadian Light Source
College Building
Diefenbaker Centre
Faculty Club
Fulton Virus Laboratory
Griffiths Stadium
Hantelman Building
Horticulture Greenhouses
Linear Accelerator
Livestock Pavilion
Main Barn
Marquis Hall
Medical Research Building
Memorial Gates
Memorial Union Building
Murray Building
Place Riel Student Centre
Power House
President's Residence
Professor of Field Husbandry's Residence
Royal University Hospital
Rutherford Rink
Saskatoon Cancer Clinic
Toxicology Building
University Farm
Victoria School House