1. List five main values of the Ukrainian pioneer. What evidence is there that these values have endured?

2. Compare the values of Canada in 1915 with the above Ukrainian values, using newspapers from that year. Discuss areas of potential conflict.

3. Role-play a Ukrainian internment camp in a class performance or in the form of written assignments: 1) arrest 2) a letter to relatives in Galicia 3) friends in the camp

4. Study rural-urban cultural expressions and Ukrainian demography, 1900 - 1970, in Saskatchewan, highlighting the role of: 1) weddings and country dances 2) the war years and movement to work in factories in the East 3) language retention in urban settings 4) parish life

5. Take a trip to a Ukrainian Museum to examine textile art or Easter-egg (pysanki) decoration firsthand. Have several sessions to learn Ukrainian cross-stitch or pysanki writing, with the assistance of experienced volunteers.

6. "No Archives--No History" Write an essay underlining the role that archives collection and preservation plays in maintaining ethnic memory. Give three examples of Ukrainian-Canadian archival collections in Saskatchewan that have resulted in a stronger ethnocultural identity for Ukrainian-Canadians. You might find it useful to visit these websites: the University of Saskatchewan Archives at www.usask.ca/archives, the Saskatchewan Archives Board at www.saskarchives.com or the Library and Archives Canada at www.collectionscanada.ca/.