Saskatoon Light Infantry

Saskatoon Light Infantry

List of Officers

This list is generated from a database compiled by the North Saskatchewan Regiment. Click on a last name to generate a search of the World War II diaries name index. Note that names and initials do not appear exactly the same in each war diary entry; alternate spellings of last names should also be checked.

This list was compiled from various sources, primarily a nominal role dated October 1940 and updated from entries in the diaries. However, the updates are not exhaustive, in particular it is possible that the entries do not always indicate the final rank at demobilization. Please contact us if you believe an entry is inaccurate.

List of other ranks

Rank Name Appointment Date of death
Capt Allen, J.C.M.    
Capt Allen, R.B. A Coy  
Capt Amy, G.F.   1943-12-22
Capt Anderson, N.    
Capt Armstrong, W.H.    
Capt Baldwin, H.R.    
Lt Ball, W.G.    
Maj Bates, E.E.    
Capt Beatty, C.D.    
Lt Blore, C.T.    
Lt Booth, G.J.    
LCol Bradbrooke, G.E.P.    
2Lt Burgess, E.    
Lt Caithness,    
Hon Capt Cameron, C.W. Chaplain  
Capt Campbell, A.B. RCAPC  
Lt Campbell, C.    
Capt Carson, M.J.D.    
Lt Cawsey, A.C.    
Lt Champ, W.A.    
Lt Chapman, R.G.    
Lt Clarke, P.M.    
LCol Cleland, J.M.    
Lt Clerk, G.    
Maj Clift, F.A. C Coy 2000-02-15
Maj Clough, L.L.    
Lt Colburn, W.E.G.    
Lt Cook, W.G.    
Lt Cowans, J.E.    
Lt Crisafio,    
Capt Croll, D.    
Lt Crouse, E.E.    
LT Dawe, J.F. A Coy  
Maj deFaye, T.    
Lt Devine, J.W.    
Lt Dupuis, M.V.    
LCol Embury, A.W.    
Lt Emerson, R.C.   1943-12-03
Lt Evoy, H.E.    
Lt Ewen, A.H.    
Lt Fee, J.G.    
Lt Ferguson, B.L.    
Capt Fitzosborne, D.J. RCAMC  
Lt Flitcroft, G.M.    
Lt Fullerton, R.E.    
Capt Gentles, T.P.    
Lt Gervais, L.N.    
Lt Gowans, J.E.    
Maj Gray, A.O.    
A/Capt Greaves, A.H.    
Lt Green, G.T.    
Lt Greyeyes, D.    
Lt Haight, W.H.    
Lt Hamilton, I.S.    
Lt Hamilton, W.A.    
Capt Harry, J.E.    
Capt Hay, D.W.    
Lt Hick, W.R.    
Lt Hodgson, M.C.    
Lt Hogg, E.    
Capt Hopper, H.S.    
Lt Hotham, R.E.    
Lt House, N.O.    
Maj Irvine, R.C.   1944-04-30
Capt Jarvis, L.E.M.    
Lt Johancsik, D.E.    
Lt Johnstone, G.M.G.    
Lt Kealy, J.O.   1944-05-17
Lt Kerr, C.W.    
Maj Klaehn, P.C.    
Lt Knapp, W.B.    
Maj Lahaie, R.H.    
Lt Lalonde, C.F.    
Maj Lancaster, C.R.J.    
Capt LeBlond, J.W.R.    
Lt Leggo, J.G.   1943-07-24
Capt Long, H.W.    
Lt MacDonald, R.C.    
Lt MacGillivary, R.R.    
Maj MacLean, C.M.    
Lt MacLennan, D.S.    
Lt MacMillan, H.R.    
Lt Magee, L.A.    
Lt Main, S.G.    
Maj Mair, W.W.    
Lt Marchessault, M.H.    
Lt Marr, L.O.J.    
Lt Martin, J.B.    
Lt Martin, W.C.    
Lt Matcham, R.    
Capt May, D.P.    
Capt McConnell, F.L.    
Capt McDonald, S.W.    
Lt McGill, C.A.B.O.    
Lt McInnis, J.W.    
Capt McIntosh, J.D.    
Lt McKay, A.    
Lt McKay, D.W.    
Capt McKenzie, J.D.    
LCol McKerron, C.    
Capt McLintock, P.    
Lt McNabb, L.W.    
Hon Maj Melville, R. Chaplain  
Capt Mildenberger, J.J.    
Maj Mitchell, H.C.    
Lt Mongeon, L.P.J.    
Lt Morrison, H.J.M.    
Lt Murphy, C.H.    
Lt Newberry, A.O.   1944-08-03
Capt Nicholson, E.    
Lt Patterson, W.J.    
Lt Pearson, J.W.    
Capt Philpott, P.J.    
LCol Potts, A.E.    
Lt Pyett, H.K.    
Lt Quinn, J.A.    
Lt Ranklin, D.A.    
Capt Ranklin, R.R.    
Lt Ray, C.D.   1945-04-20
Lt Redman, B.A.    
Lt Roach, A.J.    
Lt Robbins, A.V.    
Capt Robson,    
Lt Rose, D.H.C.    
Lt Runciman, J.W.    
Capt Sansom, R.T.    
Maj Scott-Dudley, E.J.    
Lt Smith, D.A.    
Lt Smith, S.C.    
Lt Stayner, P.O.    
Lt Tessman, F.B.    
Maj Thompson, R.B.L.    
Maj Thomson, F.    
Lt Tulk, H.A.   1961-01-08
Maj Walker, D.E.    
Lt Walsh, W.E.    
Lt Warnes, A.E.   1944-05-24
Capt Waywell, C.G.    
Lt Weintrop, M.    
Capt Wells, S.R.    
Lt Whitehead, G.W.    
Lt Williams, K.   1944-06-07
Lt Wilson, A.W.F.K.    
Lt Wilson, C.J.O.    
Lt Wilson, J.D.    
Capt Winters, W.G.    
Lt Yelle, R.    
Lt Young, G.M.    

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