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Technical Requirements


This web site should look very nice in current versions of graphical web browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape Mozilla, Opera, or Firefox. If you don't know which one you're using that's okay, since you're already reading this!


To enjoy the parts of our site with animation and sound, your web browser will need to have the Flash Player version 8. You might need to visit the Adobe Macromedia web site and allow it to update your computer. Ask a friend or friendly computer-person if you're uncertain or having trouble.


A few links and features of this web site rely on Javascript to work as intended. Without it, you may notice that popup windows and slideshows don't work as expected.


There's plenty of music and chatter about! If you have speakers, check that they're at a good volume level and adjust them as needed depending on what you're listening to.

Navigating without a Mouse

Your web browser will allow you to navigate through the site with or without a mouse. We've created some particular keyboard shortcuts when viewing the albums. Once the pop-up window is in focus, the keys are as follows, notice that they are all on the same row of your keyboard:

~ Start from the beginning (Home button)
1 On the Farm
2 In the Home
3 Family Life
4 Town & City
5 School Days
6 Politics
7 Stars & Heroes
8 Fun & Frolic
9 Play Automatically (Play button)
0 Stop Playing (Stop button)
- Flip to Previous Page
+ Flip to Next Page
\ Help Screen (Question button)

When in the album menus, you don't need to press more than one key at a time (no Alt or Shift combinations needed.)

More information

An excellent source of information about web site accessibility is: