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“Who Remembers” Chat Room

For those who like to share their stories in electronic form, visit our “Who Remembers” Chat Room.  It is a chance to ask questions of each other.  Perhaps you are trying to remember a recipe for wallpaper paste or just what was an indelible pencil?  Or who started the saying “hunky-dory!” or what radio was popular in the 1930s.

You are welcome to sign up as a guest in our chat room.  Like any chat room, there are some rules to follow, which you will not find too onerous.  We value politeness, a positive approach to commenting on people’s posted stories, and not using or quoting the chat information without permission.  We maintain the privacy of all contributors according to current legal requirements of the Privacy Act.

The directions are simple, just follow them below...  We look forward to hearing your comments on our website, and any memories you want to share, or questions you would like to post.

[This feature will be available during the summer.]