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Doris Anderson.
Editor, author; Toronto.

Margaret Atwood
Author; Caldedon, Ontario


Lise Bacon.
Politician; Quebec City.

Jehane Benoit.
Chef; Eastern Townships, QU.


Molly "Lamb" Bobak.
Artist; Fredericton, NB.

Marylyn Brooks.
Fashion designer; Toronto.


Rosemary Brown.
Politician; Victoria, BC.

Jackie Burrows.
Actress; Stratford, ON.


Ghitta Caiserman-Roth.
Artist; Montreal.

Dorothy Cameron.
Art dealer, sculptor; Toronto.


Cherry Carnon.
Real estate agent; Toronto.

Renée Claude.
Singer; Montreal.


Diane Cohen.
Economist; Montreal.

Helen Creighton.
Folk historian; Dartmouth, NS.


Vicky Crowe.
Craft manufacturer and retailer; Chester, NS.


Amee Danis.
Film maker; Montreal.

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