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Portraits of Women, 1974-1977.

95 6x6 cm colour transparencies.

The John Reeves fonds was donated to the University of Saskatchewan Archives in 2003. The images shown here represent a small portion of that donation.

Many of these portraits were originally commissioned by Lorraine Monk, then head of the National Film Board Still Photo Division, in part to document Canadian women of achievement during the International Year of the Woman (1975).

Thirty images from these portrait sittings were part of the 1977 “30 Portraits of Women” exhibition, at the Déjà Vue Gallery, Toronto.

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John Reeves was born in Burlington, Ontario, in 1938, and graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1961. Well known particularly for his portrait photography, Reeves’ work has appeared in virtually every Canadian periodical. His photographic and written essays have included works on Jean Vanier, Elizabeth Smart and Germaine Greer; and he provided photography for the books Debrett's Illustrated Guide to the Canadian Establishment and John Fillion - Thoughts about My Sculpture.

John Reeves is a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, and has received the CAPIC 2002 Lifetime Achievement Award for photography.


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