Charlie Pielsticker, chair of the new ParticipACTION Board; Tony Clement, Minister of Health; and Helena Guergis, Secretary of State for Sport after the announcement at Owen Elementary School in Toronto, February 19.

Video clips from the announcement:

Welcome to the new ParticipACTION! We are thrilled to announce this exciting resurgence of one of the most recognized and respected voices of active, healthy living in Canadian history.

The new ParticipACTION will be governed by a national, volunteer Board of Directors and key expert committees that have been selected on the basis of talent, skills and influence, plus a desire for action. The support of Sport Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada in bringing you the new ParticipACTION is also matched by an unprecedented partnership of leaders in business, education, labour, media, marketing, government, and community organizations.

These individuals and groups bring collective passion and capacity to increase participation in physical activity and sport across the country.

We have consulted with leaders in the field to determine the contribution ParticipACTION can make in enhancing the movement for physical activity and sport in Canada.

The new ParticipACTION will support and enhance the collective work being executed by governments and service providers across the country through strategic partnerships and communications strategies. This approach will be used to make a key contribution in addressing the population health issues that are emerging in response to current inactivity levels.

We are also very excited to take an integrated approach to the promotion of physical activity and sport participation, recognizing the important contributions that each brings in defining who we are as Canadians.

The target populations for the ParticipACTION communication strategy will include all Canadians of all ages and backgrounds, however the priority areas of focus will be:

These targets have been chosen to be consistent with the targets of the Pan-Canadian Healthy Living Strategy.

True to our name, we are going to hit the ground running. We are excited by the fantastic support of government, the media, the corporate sector, and the community partners that are willing to work together to build an active, healthy Canada.

We have exciting days ahead!

Charlie Pielsticker
Chair - ParticipACTION

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