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Polar Year Director with technical advisors and staff, 1932.

'Chain Gang:' McVeigh, Rose, Brown, Rea.

Expedition Members - In City

Frank Davies, Balfour Currie, Stuart McVeigh and John Rae were stationed at Chesterfield Inlet; R.C. Jacobsen at Coppermine; J.R. Lilly at Cape Hopes Advance; and E.H. Vestine at Meanook, Alberta. J. Patterson was Director of the Meteorological Service, W.E.W. Jackson the Assistant Director, and A. Thomson was in charge of meteorological planning.


"Balfour and I were 28 years of age then, and we had two young blokes with us who were 23 years old. Johnnie Rae and Stuart McVeigh had not done any geophysics, but they were strong and healthy. A major requirement of any expedition then was fitness: you had to be prepared to do physical work most of the time, and to squeeze scientific work into about 10 per cent of the time left over."

- Frank Davies


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