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"We embarked at Chesterfield Inlet - a point about 350 miles northeast of Churchill. Our equipment, supplies, and everything was piled up on the rocks because there was no wharf. We put equipment on rafts, and pushed them as near to the rocks as possible. Then we all got out and carried the supplies up, first on the rocks, and afterwards inland."

- Frank Davies

Chesterfield Supplies at Churchill Dock.

Unloading Supplies for Expedition.

Unloading 100-lb Bags Hard Coal
and Gasoline Drums.

"Everybody Helped at Ship
Time Including Women."

"Everybody Helped at Shi
p Time Including Women."
Letter from Currie to
Dr. Harrington:

September 26, 1932
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"Unloading was one of our most difficult jobs as the stuff must be put on a scow and the scow first pushed by a motor-boat and finally poled by hand as close to the shore as possible during high tide. At that it must be packed through water and dumped on the shore. Imagine how happy we felt to see our supplies, (over 40 tons), piled or rather heaped on the shore about 200 yards from where we were to stay…after more than a week of packing everything, (including coal and hydrogen cylinders), were near to where they were to be used. Most of the instruments were soaked but there was not a single serious breakage."

- Balfour Currie


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