These textual materials are held by the University of Saskatchewan Library.
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Ephemera and Articles:

Canadian Illustrated News. Clippings from:

“The Arctic Expedition” (circa 1877) illustrating “the ‘Alert’ hoisting colours at the highest latitude attained by any ship on record” and “A funeral in the ice;”

“Sketch map showing the Arctic regions where Stefansson expects to find white Esquimos and new land upon which to plant the Canadian flag” (circa 1905);

“Map showing the route of the north pole expedition” (25 November, 1876).

“The Grand Falls of Labrador.” The Century Magazine v. XLIV, n. 5, September 1892.

Grove, Frederick Philip. Covers from:

Fruits of the Earth.

In Search of Myself.

The Turn of the Year.

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“Labrador. Second Paper.” Harper's New Monthly Magazine, v. LXXI, n. CCCCXXV, October 1885.

Mawdsley, J.B. Address on “Inhabitants of Northern Saskatchewan,”, nd.

The Times. Clippings from:

“The Arctic Expedition” by James C. Ross, 17 November 1849

Letter to the Editor re: Sir J. Franklin by ‘An Observer,’ 1 January 1850.