Saskatchewan's 1944 CCF Election
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Social Democracy in the Depression

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The 1930s and early 1940s were a time of compromise. The party's greatest supporters and harshest critics were farmers. Many had fled from Russia and Eastern Europe in the wake of Communist revolution. They feared that democratic Socialism would also bring violence and chaos. Because of their inability to obtain widespread rural support, the party found limited support in its first few general elections.

Market Day at the Melfort Agricultural Society, 1928 23

Towards the Dawn! 24

CCF Farm Policy for Canada 25

Provincial CCF caucus, 1934 26

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"The Paradox of Liberalism," by M.J. Coldwell, 1933 27

"Do you want a wheat board?" Election flyer 28

In 1938 general election, the ten CCF members returned did form the opposition with George Hara Williams as their leader. Williams, a farmer from Wadena, was an excellent skilled orator and well liked by party members. However, his approval of Soviet economic system led moderates in the party to believe that they could not win under his leadership. After 1938, the CCF moderated many of their policy proposals. The planks calling for the collectivization of agriculture was removed. The plan for the nationalization of industry was limited to transportation, communications and power. These changes were prompted by party committees appointed to evaluate the provincial program. One of the defining features of the CCF during this period was the involvements of the 'grassroots' party members in making many policy decisions.

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Open letter to Farmer-Labor candidates from G.H. Williams, 1933 29

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CCF provincial election platform, 1937 30

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