Saskatchewan's 1944 CCF Election
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1. From the names given below, choose two major individuals involved in the CCF Party and prepare 3-page biographies on each, evaluating which aspects of their lives most affected their political outlook: J. S. Woodsworth, Major James Coldwell, George Hara Williams or T. C. Douglas.

2. "Were it not for war, there would have been no CCF Party." Do you agree or disagree? How important was the 1914-1918 War in the emergence of the CCF movement? The support of the Declaration of War in World War II? The whole milieu of war?

3. Evaluate the role of the media and oratory in promoting growing support for the CCF party. Prepare a report on media use during the period, 1930 -1955, which looks at the impact of radio and the way the CCF used this medium for its benefit. If possible, interview a person who personally remembers radio as the key avenue of information, political and otherwise. Include reminiscences in your report.

4. Write an essay entitled "The CCF Party: Myth and Reality" which examines the main, arguable facets for a CCF myth (such as utopian ideals, keystone documents, great historic figures) versus a political party based on reality (examining the main issues of the Canadian reality in need of being addressed at the time).

5. You are T. C. Douglas today.

Using Power Point and modern recording equipment on hand (mini-disk, film-making, digital camera), prepare a graphic socio-political, commentary on today's Canadian society with a "modern" CCF platform for change.

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