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Saskatchewan and the Visual Arts
Saskatoon Technical Collegiate

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News clipping of young Lindner while on the Canadian Arts Council, n.d. [22]
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"Saturday nights" were evenings of informal discussion for students and instructors of art in Saskatoon that Lindner initiated in the 1930s and which continued until 1966. [36]

In the same year that Kenderdine was appointed head of the School of Art in Regina, Ernest Lindner began teaching full-time commercial art for the Saskatoon Technical Collegiate where he had taught a night class in 1931. He was the first full- time secondary school art teacher in the city and became Head of the Art Department at the Saskatoon Technical Collegiate. Prominent artists who attended the Collegiate include MacGregor Hone and Ivan Eyre.

The influence of the Collegiate on the development of Visual Arts in Saskatchewan was largely through the person of Ernie Lindner. Lindner became a key figure in the arts community of Saskatoon, as well as provincially and nationally. He helped revive the Saskatoon Arts Association and was the originator of "Saturday Night," a weekly discussion group for artists that was usually held at his residence.


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