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Saskatchewan and the Visual Arts
Hans Dommasch

Dommasch shown with items from his collection of propaganda posters, ca. 1990. [55]

"Ellesmere Island, July 1986, Otto Fiord Iceberg", by Dommasch. [56]

"Goat's Beard Study", by Dommasch, 1965. [1]

Born on August 25th, 1926, in Germany, Dommasch emigrated to Canada in 1954. Unemployed and with little English, he enrolled in a correspondence course in photography. In 1955 he began working at the University of Saskatchewan as an Assistant Photographer and graduated from the New York Institute of Photography in 1959. He was made the head of Photographic Services for the U of S College of Medicine (1963), became an Assistant Professor of Surgery (1971), and eventually a Professor of Art and Art History. He then served as Head of the Department of Art and Art History at the University (1984 to 1993).

Dommasch was a general member and also served as the Visual Arts Chairman of the Saskatchewan Arts Board (1988-89). He was a Fellow of the Biological Photographic Association (1965) and an associate of the Royal Photographic Society (1963). Amongst a host of other awards, he was given the highest Canadian award for contributions to photography when presented with the William V. Gordon Award in 1974.


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