The Avro Arrow
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The Arrow

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Avro CF-105 Arrow's pilot's cockpit.47

Cockpit Layout.48

Avro CF-105 Arrow navigator's cockpit. 49

Exploded view showing the major components of the Avro CF-105 Arrow. 50

An Arrow from above, showing the unique clamshell cockpit canopy. 51

An Arrow from below, showing the landing gear design and the outline of the detachable weapons pack. 52

The enemy - a Soviet Tupelov Tu-20 bomber, codenamed Bear. The Arrow's mission was to intercept and shoot down Soviet intercontinental nuclear bombers crossing the pole on their way to targets in Canada and the United States. 53

Avro CF-105 Arrow Technical Data (Estimated). 54

The Arrow's nuclear-tipped or conventional high-explosive air-to-air missiles would have been carried internally in an innovative detachable weapons pack. No gun was carried. 55

A close up view of the complex main landing gear. 56

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