All Frocked Up

Varsity Drag


“Tell the boys I am wearing the same.”

— Marlene Dietrich


The U of S Men's Lit Chorus. 1930 The U of S Ladies Lit Chorus. 1931


Gender and theatre historians are presently exploring why so many male college students have been donning feminine attire in university events for so many years. It has been suggested that the tradition began with the initial and in some cases longstanding exclusion of women from many of the most prestigious universities. At the University of Saskatchewan co-eds have been on the campus in large numbers since its foundation in 1907, and for almost the whole period university newspapers and yearbooks have been sprinkled with photos of male beauty queens, male kick lines and cross-dressed fashion models.


Advertising the Ag Bag Drag
annual agriculture dance. 1963
The Intensely Vigorous College Nine,
a novelty marching band.


The Bogey Ball. 1953 Frosh week fashion. 1968


Variety night at Regina's
Darke Hall. 1959
June Taylor Dancers at the
Frosh Week Welcome. 1963


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