Not much is known about Thomas Carlyle Yeoward. There are two notations in the history book "Arcola and South of the Moose Mountains", by Hislop, M., and McLellan, A. (Altona, 1965).

"Mr. Dahlquest opened a photography shop where the town hall now stands (in 1901)."

"Tom Yeoward had done a bit of photography before Mr. Dahlquest came."

Therefore, we know that Yeoward was taking pictures about 1901 and earlier.

There are 10 pictures in the museum's collection that are thought to be Yeoward's. Only one has the name T.C. Yeoward stamped on the dry mounting. It is a man's portrait believed to be James Brown who came to the area in 1898. Another picture has only the initials T.C and the rest of the dry mounting frame has been torn off. This picture shows 17 people at a picnic. "Picnic on Picnic Hill, 1897, 98, or 99" is hand written on the back. A third picture that is believed to be of the same picnic had the date "May 24, 1899" written on the front.

The other pictures believed to have been taken by Yeoward are of areas, people and events prior to 1901.

The only other mention of Yeoward is that Tom Yeoward was at one time Arcola's Postmaster.